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re: Unlocking the Fellowship Daily Resource Instances


With Update 20 there has been much confusion and frustration understanding the new crafting and barter system, and unlocking the daily instance.  I'm hoping to help make it easier for people to understand how the daily instances work.  The focus of this guide is unlocking the fellowship instances.  The requirements for unlocking the solo instances are different and will not be dealt with in this guide.

In order to unlock the fellowship daily instances in Skoironk and the Tower of the Teeth, you really only need to complete 8 specific quests.  I managed to unlock the instances by completing these 8 quests on my hunter without completing any other quests in the waste (I didn't even turn in the intro to the Wastes quest at the Camp of the Host and I did not begin the Epic).

The first step is to travel to the camp in the Slag Hills where you will find Candur and Tharindul (or something like that).  You can find the Slag Hills Camp because it shows on the map, just north of the Black Gate, there is a milestone.  Tharindul may or may not have some quests for you (depending on how far you have quested the region).  None of Tharindul's quests lead to the Fellowship Instnace, so don't worry if he has no quests for you; you don't need them for this.  Turn instead to Candur.  We can now unlock your resource dailies in 8 steps.

1.)  If you have not already started working on Candur's quests, he should have just one quest for you: The Slag Hills.  This quest is to kill 20 enemies in the Slag Hills.   Complete this quest as it is the first necessary step towards unlocking the Fellowship Resource Dailies.

2.)  After completing and turning in the quest The Slag Hills at Candur, Candur should now have 3 additional quests for you, all involving Lang Rhuvan (a large fellowship difficulty Easterling Camp east of the Slag Haills camp.  Of the first 3 quests from Candur, you only need to complete Lang Rhuvan: The Escape.  Its best to do this with a group.  It's the quest where you release a horse from the Easterling stables and protect it as it makes it's way outside the camp.  Any member of your group who needs this quest must talk to a horse once and hit continue quest.  When the group is all ready, have one member of your group speak with a horse again and the horse will begin his escape.  Kill any mobs in the horses path, but try not to bring in extra mobs who are not aggroed, as the horse will not move until he is out of combat.  When the horse finally exits the camp head back to the Slag Hills camp and turn it in.  If you have been working on the other Lang Rhuvan quests from this first set of quests it is not necessary to finish them.  If the purpose of your group is to unlock the instances and you have a large group, it's best to stay focused on the task at hand and leave the other quests for later.

3.)  If you have completed Lang Rhuvan: the Escape, Candur will now have 3 more quests.  Of this second set of Lang Rhuvan quests, it's only necessary that you complete Lang Rhuvan: the War Party.  To complete this quest head to the Southern entrance (the main entrance) to Lang Rhuvan and follow the road into the camp east as far as you can go.  You will reach a dead end.  At this point have your group had all the way up to the dead end where you will fight waves of Easterlings.  To complete the quest you must stand your ground for 3 minutes and 30 seconds.  Please do have your group again the far east side of the dead end because if any leave the area the quest will fail.  Once the timer is up, the waves will stop and you may return to the Slag Hills camp to turn in your quest.  Again, if you have additional open quests in Lang Rhuvan, but you are working on unlocks in a large group, it is really best to stay focused and leave the unfinished quests for later.

4.)  Once you have completed and turned in Lang Rhuvan: The War Party, Candur will have 3 more quests.  Of this final set of Lang Rhuvan quests, you only need to complete Lang Rhuvan: The War Leaders.  Travel to the Northern entrance of Lang Rhuvan (a path between rocks, you probably recognize it as the place the horse left the camp).  This entrance is the closest to the War Leaders.  There are 2 named Easterling bosses not far from this entrance.  Kill them and return to Candur in the Slag Hills Camp.

5-8.) Once you have turned in Lang Rhuven: the War Leaders, Candur will now have 4 additional quests but these quests no long deal with Lang Rhuvan.  2 of the quests are for Skoironk and 2 are for the Towers of the Teeth.  These quests can be completed in any order.

For Skoironk, take the quests Overseers in the Maggot Holes and Enclaves in the Depths.  Head southwest of the slag hills camp to Skoironk, a cave beneath Narchost (one of the 2 Towers of the Teeth).  Once inside the cave head to the right and follow the path until you find a Sturdy Gate.  Destroy the Sturdy Gate to find Orc Bruisers and Overseers inside.  If you are in a large group new mobs should spawn quickly enough.  Remain in this room until your group has killed enough Bruisers and Overseers to complete the 2 quests.  If you turn these 2 quests in to Candur you will now have unlocked the Skoironk fellowship daily.  DO NOT pick up the quest for the fellowship daily at this point, as the quest is repeatable daily and has a one hour timer to complete.  If you pick up the quest for the daily instance before you are in a group ready to start the isntance, you will waste time on your timer.  Only ever accept a quest for a daily instance if you are ready to run that instance (more on this later).

For Towers of the Teeth, take the quests Waiting in the Darkness and Sorcerers in the Tower.  Travel to the enemy camp outside Carchost, I believe this camp is called Fushaum Gund.  Within this camp you should find an entrance to Carchost (one of the two Towers of the Teeth).  Descend the tower and cross through the tunnel filled with maggot larva.  Crossing this tunnel brings you from Carchost into Narchost.  In Narchost kill Trolls and Sorcerers until you have enough to complete the 2 quests and return to Candur.  You will now have the Towers of the Teeth fellowship daily unlocked.  Again, DO NOT accept the quest for the Towers of the Teeth daily instance unless you are in a group who is ready to start it.

Ok, so you have your fellowship dailies unlocked, now what?  The fellowship dailies are not t2 instances, but they do seem to be difficult enough that most groups will benefit from having a tank and a healer.  Also, to form a group you will need 6 people who have the daily unlocked and have not already run the instance that day.  For group first before any body picks up the quest.  One you are sure everybody is ready to begin, have everybody in fellow accept the same quest (either the Tower of the Teeth or Skoironk) from Candur.  Then speak to Candur to travel into the instance.  Do not try to complete your instance quest by going to the cave or tower on landscape as that will not work (this has been a common mistake for many people).  Complete the instance with your group within an hour and return to Candur to turn in the quest for killing the boss and for the 2 side-quests which auto-bestow when you enter the instance.  As a reward, killing the boss has a chance to drop a Sigil which you can use to barter a gold shield or off-hand weapon from the Host of the West resource reputation vendors in Haerondir.

Any questions you have,  please don't hesitate to ask.  Best of luck!


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